How close is ionic to release candidate?


Are there any rough estimates on when ionic 1.0 might be ready??

Also, I haven’t heard much about progress on windows phone compatibility lately…

Can anyone shed any light?


…erm… Anyone? :confused:


Why? The code that’s available right now is very stable. We’re using it in several production apps.


Yeah I’ve found the code quality pretty good in testing… But I’m trying to convince a somewhat risk averse management of its merits. We kinda have an unwritten rule that we only put into production non-beta code. I guess this doesn’t stop us testing but when you have 10s of thousands of users, across 3 platforms, in the current app I sort of take their point.


I notice the latest beta (13) says it is the second to last beta. Woohoo!

…still don’t seem to be hearing much about windows phone support just the odd post saying people have “tried it” did I miss the “we now support it” announcement?


In my experience the code is quite stable- we’ve never encountered crashes in our apps.

There are still some bugs and idiosyncrasies in the framework, but they’re manageable and are slowly being fixed with each release.