Any benchmarks?


I’m trying to choose between ionic and bootstrap 3 for a hybrid mobile app. My default choice is to go with bootstrap because it’s well known, but ionic really intrigues me. Do you have any benchmarks or videos showing how much faster ionic is than bootstrap 3?


While I think this is important, given that Ionic is in the alpha state, it seems like counterproductive and low priority to post benchmarks. This seems like something that should come later, maybe after the 1.0 release. That said, to answer your question, there are none that I know of.


Like @jprichardson said, it’s a bit early for benchmarks.

However, you are really comparing apples and oranges depending on the type of app you are trying to create. Bootstrap doesn’t come with any native-style UI interactions. It’s really meant for responsive websites.

It’s incredibly good at what it does, but you might find that when you want something like a traditional “native” tab bar, or side menu, or navigation stack, that Bootstrap doesn’t come with anything like that.

Does that help at all?


That does help - thanks! I’ll give ionic a try.