Ionic website!

Hello people!
i am completely new to ionic framework.
is it possible to make a website with ionic framework? if so how ?

I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in the forums that Ionic isn’t meant for web, but really for hybrid. I haven’t really seen any reasons given as to why. We’ve had no problems using Ionic for web. For us it came down to what features we needed and what platforms we needed to target.

Thanks a lot ! Could you please guide me with this? i just need to know should install any other plugins or is there a sample available online ?

When deploying just for the web forget about any plugins. This is the big limitation. Otherwise when you create your app make sure to specify no-cordova when you execute the start command:

[–no-cordova|-w] … Create a basic structure without Cordova requirements

You will probably also want to modify the gulp file to minify/combine your web artifacts for deployment. Pretty simply todo with a few different gulp modules (gulp-minify-*, gulp-usemin, etc)

If your just working with Web just look into bootstrap, it’s simple and is pretty functional out of the box.

I agree bootstrap is a great option. For organizations that are trying to standardize on a framework for both web and hybrid delivery Ionic is working out to be a great choice. Like anything else you have to weigh the limitations of each deployment type you wish/need to support.

Thanks a lot sir, i have one more question, do codes behave differently on chrome and fire fox? or is it only me facing such problems ?

We don’t support FF so I can’t really help you there. We only have to support webkit based browsers

Bootstrap works on all browsers :slight_smile:

thanks you for the information sir,
but is bootstrap generally slow compared to ionic framework ? heard a couple of people saying so, just wanted to clarify.

On mobile it’s meh but it’s fantastic on browsers. It’s made by Twitter.