Answering App Privacy Questions in App Store Connect

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Apple intentionally designs their products to protect users’ privacy. They’re continually working on new ways to keep personal information safe. So, it’s no surprise that they have introduced a new requirement for developers with apps on the App Store: soon, you must provide information on your app’s data collection practices, including data sent to third-party…


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Hello Matt,

Capacitor contains default code for location,
I have an app that doesn’t use location, how can I delete this code? because I’m afraid Apple will reject my app due to the default description in the info.plist

Capacitor 3 will move each core plugin into separate packages. For now, you can edit the info.plist to remove that permission.

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I had earlier selected NO now i want to change my answer, how could i edit my answer?

It’s within the same area in App Store Connect.

I am not build any app yet but I am trying ,this blog is really informative .Thank you .

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