How to remove capacitor unnecessary permissions

hi everyone,
When I uploaded my app bundle to Goolgle Play Console, Google asked me to remove location api access from my app since my app’s targeting children. However, I didn’t use any location plugins and my app has no location related feature. Why ionic5+angular+capacitor app by default request location access?
How to remove it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My issue is the same as this
But removing the permissions from AndroidManifest.xml doesn’t solve my problem when publishing the app.

update: I’ve filed a bug report

@rapropos Hi, Robert, could you please help me? Many many thx.

Update: The issue I raised was closed because it’s addressed in capacitor v3. v3 is beta-6 now. I hope it will be released soon. Till then, I won’t be able to further update my app. Google release the update I made last time which was a surprise but I’m afraid they will review it manually and take my app down from the Google Play Store because there is a warning for that release saying info was incomplete.

The root cause of the issue was capacitor had some core plugins(geolocation was one of them) built in. If anyone knows a workaround. It’d be much appreciated.

This will definitely be fixed in v3. Can’t give you a solid ETA but it’s progressing quickly. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime!

Hi Max. No worries. And that’s understandable. That’s how software matures. Glad that it’s been addressed and it’ll be fixed in v3. Many thanks for your replies. Have a great day! Stay safe and healthy!