Annyang! javascript


Has anyone tried to use annyang ? i’ve tried but doesn’t seem to work, or maybe it’s just that i did it wrongly.
So, if you have tried maybe you can show me some example on how to use this on ionic ?

It may be a permissions issue,
Can you share the code you have so far?

Yes when i tried on browser, it asked for permission but since i don’t where the mic is and i dont have an external mic so i tried it on device.

<script src="js/annyang.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/annyang.js"></script>

Here is the code

$ = null;
$scope.onHold = function(){
             var commands = {
               'my name is *var': function(var) {
                      $ = var;

I just followed example from annyang website. basically what i want to do is when i push a button, then speak and then put the result on a scope.

can you also take a look at my problem here ?

i’m creating a language learning app, i want user to be able to hear and the speak the sentences.
Or maybe you could suggest me some alternatives ?

try the plugin which uses HTML 5 interface. I used it on one of my cordova app, and works charm.

can you share another, this link not found…