Google Voice Commands

Is there a plugin to interact with the Voice command API ( Ok Google, Set Alarm stuff ) ?

Try this links:


you have too another language API to use like cordova speech to text.

Another way to do this is open the native project generate by ionic and implement on native SDK

Thank you for your response.

But I have been looking for a plugin for Voice Commands like Ok Google Set Alarm and to process the request accordingly in my ionic app.

Sample Use case :

User uses Voice Commands to set alarm ( Says OK Google, set alarm and the conversation )
Once the user selects my app, i want what user has given with the command ( Example : Hours, minutes )

Have you done this app? How can I implement a “Ok Google” voice command?

I want to do an app like Ok Google too, but I don’t want to say Ok Google, I’ll let the user choose a custom command

Have you looked at Annyang?
I use this to navigate through pages, move around maps and speech to text chat.

how to use this for ionic application

hey, have you done this?

hey michel, i am trying for same functionality. have you done this?