Announcing the Capacitor Google Maps Plugin

Hey Kelly, I also would like to use the polygon drawing tool on my google maps integration, please let me know if you find out that it works with this capacitor plugin, thank you! Jonathon

Is there anyway to hide the default UI controls from the map like you could using the disableDefaultUI option?

mapOptions: google.maps.MapOptions = {
    zoom: 15,
    center: {lat: -34.9199842, lng: -56.149849},
    // uncomment the following line if you want to remove the default Map controls
    disableDefaultUI: true

I followed exactly as described in the documentation at Capacitor - build cross platform apps with the web, but it always displays this error: “Error: container element is required”. Where could I have gone wrong?

@uytec I would suggest opening a new forum post with more details. Hard to help debug without any example or snippet of code.

One more question. If we use this implementation would it fall into free usage of Google Maps Mobile SDK usage?

For the native platforms, I believe the maps are free, but for the web you will need to pay.

What about the ability to download tiles? With Google Maps natively, you can download sections for offline use. However, with Googles API, tile downloading is not supported. So is this a wrapper for the API or is this actually interacting with Google Maps at the device level.