Announcing Ionic Payments

Originally published at: Announcing Ionic Payments - Ionic Blog

We are excited to announce Ionic Payments, the official Ionic solution for delivering secure payment experiences across the devices and platforms your customers care about. Powered by a single cross-platform API, you can now seamlessly incorporate Google Pay and Apple Pay into your application then start collecting payments on the web, mobile, and desktop. Why…

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As I read is available for enterprise clients only, will it become available for everyone eventually? (maybe in a less powerful edition?)


Is avaliable in all countries? and it have more fees or just the google ones?

Is there any provision for integrating in-app purchases where Google and Apple get their cut?

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Is this will be available also for ionic with cordova ?

I believe they said it is Capacitor 3 and up only.

For In App purchases you will need to use something else. It seems that the cordova-plugin-purchase is the recommended way as it is documented on the Capacitor website here and Ionic sponsors the project.

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Stay tuned on that :slight_smile:

Just Capacitor v3 and up for now.

Available in all countries that Apple Pay and Google Pay support. Refer to their docs for the list of countries. It grows all the time, fortunately.