Ionic 6, capacitor 4 android splash screen

Im using Ionic 6, capacitor 4.
Created an empty project, added android platform, open android studio and installed on my device (Android 12). Nothing more. Default configuration. No custom images.
Well… the splash screen is stretched, The app name appears as text in the upper left corner.
Searched the forum and founded a similar thread closed with no solution.

Someone knows if there is some fix that I dont know?

I ve read this topic. But at the end theres only people insulting each other and no solution…
So… Please if someone knows why this issue is present, gives a hint on how to fix.
My app is finished, but the splash screen is honestly orrible :pensive:

That’s an Android 12 bug, it’s mentioned on the Splash Screen plugin docs.

On Android 12 the Splash Screen is part of the OS and won’t show when you open the app from Android Studio, but will show if you open the app from the app icon (except if using some launchers that seem to open the apps in a different way than regular launcher).

Since the splash screen is part of the OS, there is no way of fixing it. this affects all apps, doesn’t matter which framework they use (cordova, capacitor, react native, flutter, native apps, unity, etc.)

Google has fixed it for Android 13, but won’t fix it for Android 12 since it’s not a security issue.

i still see it weird on android 13 :confused:

Fixed the “not showing”, but there are still splash screen issues. Report them to google and they might fix them in a future release.
Sadly, being the splash screen part of the OS now, makes fixes harder to get for users.

yeah i see it, infact i was thinking about coding something “personal”
like no os splash screen and a custom function that shows a full image screen the first time you start the app.

Maybe it works better than os splash screen :smiley:

Have you guys checked this thread?

Yes. But im not able to make it works.
The sample uses vue and even when builded and deployed on my phone, it doesnt works

Are you using cordova-res or @capacitor/assets to generate your resources?

tried with both solution…

I have had the best luck just using the Image Asset tool in Android Studio.

Did someone find solution ? haveing same issue

Hi, I have tried to create an empty android project from scratch with all the latest version.
After that I added android platform and copied the styles.xml file from this empty project to my project and seems to works…

Try if this works

Can you please share your styles.xml and even your capacitor.config.js? thanks

Is it possible to create splash screens with it?
I can’t find an option.

You can used the extension ionic in vs code for create icon and splash from png|jpg file of 1024 x 1024px or 2732×2732px, this was solution it worked for me.

too your have the option