Did someone use Angulartics with ionic before?

If yes, how do I install it and how do I use it with my Ionic app ?


Should be pretty easy to install, and it shouldn’t interfere with Ionic. Just add it as a dependency and use it as you normally would with any other Angular app.

I tried using it with their Piwik plugin. Having issues with it - page views are logged but are being sent without a URL credited. I’ll update if I figure this out, might be an Ionic specific collision happening.

I found a way to use angulartics with the dan wilson google-analytics-plugin.

You can merge in your angulartics/src the pull request from my repository.

I used to use Angulartics with GAPlugin and it was working fine, does your fork work with danwilson/google-analytics-plugin one ? Because angulartics is much better than ngCordova, specially with it’s directives and automatic page views

I just found this plugin for angulartics

Does it work?