Ionic Analytics

Hi there, I’m looking into integrating analytics into our app, and I came across this service:

Adding the service fails (‘Failed to find the service “analytics”’), and it looks like the API to use it with isn’t finished yet. Is it not possible to use the service right now?

If not, what is commonly used with Ionic for tracking? Google Analytics seems to be popular, but I’m finding a lot of conflicting information about plugin compatibility or how to best get that working.


I’m not sure if it’s possible to use Ionic analytics, but I get an error trying to add it.

Failed to find the service "analytics".
Are you sure it exists? (CLI v1.3.2)

I use Google Analytics in my app. I implemented this plugin without any issues:

Notes for this plugin:

  • The app needs to be added to GA as a mobile app
  • Real time won’t work right away when you create the app id (I gave it a day or two before trying) but the reporting will (reporting information shows up a day later)
  • This plugin isn’t supported by PhoneGap Build (last I checked)
  • You need to track a page view for it to show data

If you’re using PhoneGap Build I would read through this post: GaPlugin with Ionic

I never successfully implemented the GaPlugin, but I stopped using PhoneGap Build.

The Ionic Analytics service isn’t ready yet for public use, still being built :smile:

Is it ready for public use now?


Why not use ngCordova google analytics?

@fabioferrero the main reason is the deep integration of having an angular based analytics plugin. Google analytics is fine for overall web usage, but falls a bit short in mobile applications. $cordovaGoogleAnalytics is a fine stand in, but what you really want is what the guys at Drifty are dreaming up!

Simple tagging of attributes/events can/will be MUCH easier with an analytics system built specifically for the ionic platform/angular.

@Javi nope, not yet. Soon!

Hi, based on the docs, it seems as the Ionic Analytics service is now ready. But where do I go to see the analytics themselves? I don’t see an analytics option in my area.

Hi, I am at also at the stage of plugging analytics into my app and was going to use the cordova analytics plugin until I discovered ionic analytics. The only reason I am holding off is the same reason mentioned by @jason_engage - how do we access the analytics UI? I can only assume it is not available yet? Any info on this would be appreciated, thanks.