Ionic app analytics

I want to use app analytics e.g. piwik or google analytics via Angulartics2
Trying to set it up I stumbled upon some errors. Do you have a hint what is wrong?

Thanks a lot!

There is a thread here in the forum where Ionic team says they still don’t cover analytics in the current beta version.

Just a question, why you can’t use web google analytics?

You can use the web analytics or you can also use the Cordova plugin

Well, the point is angulartics supports multiple vendors so there is no lock-in. And some of these vendors support a self-hosted version of their services or entirely are open-source e.g. PIWIK.

The management prefers a self-hosted analytics service. We decided to use PIWIK for their great community.
I will have to look into but it seems to be a bit outdated …
For a specific PIWIK integration, what would you recommend? Currently, I just use the web tracking code but it is somewhat limited for single-page / angular applications.

I also love to see an Piwik - Ionic implementation. So far, I included the javascript tracking snippet in my html view. Must be a better way…


Now that Ionic2 final is released - has anyone got it working with angulartics2?

Also v interested in this.