Angular Universal update


since SSR with Angular Universal And Ionic - Ionic Blog got out, I wonder what the status is of Ionic support to Angular Universal. I ran the commands as per blog post and obviously (?) after a whille things have become different. At least on my side I get error ('configuration development is not set in workspace).

@mhartington - care to chip in about a year after the blog post?

Either way, just curious what the status is so I can continue trying in the right way


:wave: Hey there! So We haven’t done too much to be 100% honest. The general up-keep of SSR tooling is an uphill battle, plus Angular was also working on their own “official” SSR implementation that should address many issues we saw.

Basically, the old javascript DOM implementation that the older angular universal would ship with partially patched the DOM APIs, but still required a lot of work on Ionic/stencil.

But this newer implementation uses JSDOM which covers the entire DOM api. Meaning we won’t have to manage all that ourselves.

Hi and thx for the heads up

I will be looking for a different way to have a deeplink in a mail lead to a fast load of a pwa (on iOS).