Capacitor w/Next & SSR


I am looking into building my first mobile-app, I was initially going to use React-Native but read a lot about Capacitor and how it can allow Web Native, Android and AppleOS apps all work together.

There is one thing that I have seen a few answers for however there’s also a few generic answers saying that this is possible elsewhere. This thread will probably generate the same kind of concerns, but hopefully there will be a more concrete answer on this subject.

I want to build the app with Next JS specifically for the SSR - the app I am wanting to design will be a social media related app where users can share links in Discord, Slack, FB and the Metadata will show the correct information (think of unique posts). This sounds vague but React doesn’t offer this support out of the box since it is has no form of SSR (however React Server Components are coming along a little bit so possibly in the future). However when I googled using Next, there’s threads saying that Next works with Ionic and other threads that says Next works however SSR will not.

Just wondering on a solid answer on this, and why, or how my question could be achieved in the chance that SSR is confirmed to not be supported with Ionic/Capacitor. There was also mentions that Ionic has some form of feature similar to this, so if there’s any support on how that works for my little brain that’d be awesome!

I have no solution for you. I only know/suspect that Ionic UI in SSR is not very well documented nor is proven to work very well with any framework

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I appreciate the honesty, it’s sucks that it’s hard to find documentation. Even if SSR wasn’t supported then in theory it’s okay, but I haven’t heard of many workarounds or at least any that make sense to my peanut brain haha :smiley: