Why we use a native component for ionic?

Hello everyone :wave: first i want to thanks all the community for all help giving us ,
i’m Reactjs developer and new to ionic framework , i feel really good at react and i want to create app with custom styles from cards spacing colors and grid… i used to use tailwindcss to build the ui fast with react , when i start with ionic i saw that i have to use a lot of native component which has default styles , question is :
how to let tailwind control styles in a native ionic component ?
there is any effective way to make it (ex styled component or emotion instead of tailwind ) ?
can i build my app with just knowledge of jsx html and react ecosystem like formik tailwind react-query and going on like we used to do with react app ?

please i want some clarification , and some good resources video or courses to follow as react developer

To customize the Ionic components, the easiest way is to use the CSS variables. You can use these variables to do a lot of complex customization very easily without introducing any dependencies on Tailwind or other frameworks.

Ionic React Hub has a good number of tutorials.

Generally speaking, yes, you can build an app with knowledge of JSX + Formik + react-query; these all work in Ionic basically the same as they do in any other react app. The main thing you also have to learn is Capacitor if you’re going to be building iOS/Android apps, but this is pretty easy and there are a lot of good plugins to help you build your app.

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(Just skip the capacitor part)

I would notwant to refer to Ionic components as native components - as those - in google searches - likely not going to help much finding examples

Did you check the theming docs?

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