AndroidManifest generation

How AndroidManifest.xml is generated in Cordova App?
I need to remove some permission in AndroidManifest.xml, but each build time file is regenerated.
I tried to remove some permissions declared in node-modules/cordova-plugin-name/plugin.xml file, but this didn’t help (AndroidManifest.xml is generated as before, with same permissions).
Is this attempt have sense?
I am using BluetoothSerial plugin and some permissions I don’t need, so I want to remove it.

cordova plugins get copied to the plugins folder too, you should remove the permission from there too

I also removed permissions from plugins/cordova-plugin-bluetooth-serial/plugin.xml, but still no effect.
I launch ionic cordova run android -l --external
and AndroidManifest.xml get generated with older permission list. Maybe some cache folder?

Yes, cordova remove, cordova add resolved the problem.