Android target Api level 26 with ionic 1

Hey Folks,

due to this post from google we are not sure if we will be able to update my Ionic 1 App anymore.

At the moment we are using ionic 1.3.1 and cordova 6.0.0.
Our current min android api level version is 18.
Our current target version is 25.

If I understand the post right, the new target API level has to be 26 or higher.

So my question ist: Will it be possible to target API level 26 with using Ionic 1?
Ir yes - have you a hint for me how this will work?



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I was able to get this to work. I had to manually update a few gradle files.

please explain how you did that. ?
I have changed android-targetSdkVersion but now app start crashing.

Please, what files did you update?

Thanks you.