Android-style tab support

It would be great if the CSS and Javascript APIs had out of the box support for Android style tabs.

  1. Fix general styling when putting the tab bar on top. Right now it appears to be missing a bottom border.
  2. The Android style is like the tabs here on this Discourse* forum. Highlighted and underlined.
  3. When moving between tabs, the underline is animated sliding to the next tab selected.

I’m sure I can do this all myself (I think) but it would be nice to have it included. Thanks for listening.

* The irony of using a RoR (albiet very good) forum for a JS framework is not lost on me. :wink:

All those features are already included :smile:

Well everything but the border-bottom. We’re actually working on setting platform specific UI changes so things feel a little less “ios”-y and more like they belong in the proper platform.

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