Tabs move & change class when run on Android device?

I’ve got different tabs states in a side-menu view. The only classes that the ion-tabs have are tabs-icon-top and tabs-color.

They show up on the bottom, where I expect them, when testing in desktop. When I built and ran for my Android device (Nexus 7) the tabs were at the top and they had the stripe beneath the active tab. Also, the nav-bar title moved from center to left aligned.

Anybody else having this issue, or know whats up with this?

its not a bug its a feature :smiley:

ionic does use platform specific styles - for overwriting search the forum, cant find it right know
see here:


This is the post/comment that will be most helpful I think. Beta 14 Tab went top of the screen

Ah, thanks. I mean, it looks great this way, but it’s odd that I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere along the way.