Convert Android Tabs Back to iOS Tabs



Tested my app using ionic serve. I was unaware that on Android the tabs change to give a more native feel. Pretty cool, but it’s not what I want.

I would like the app to look the same on all platforms.

I’ve tried including

// Default to ios tab-bar style on android too
$ionicTabsConfig.type = '';

to .run but still can’t get the iOS style tabs in Android

I’m testing on a Nexus 4.

Can anyone help me force the iOS style tabs on Android?



Can anyone point me in the right direction???


Hey there, so the platform config setup hasn’t been finalized or documented yet, so what you can do is work with scss and override the tabs stripped style

Relavent section


Thank you! … Will play around with that to get what I need


Did you get the tabs to look the same because the Android ones don’t look so good IMHO?


Well this is in attempt to mimic the platform ui a bit better. All discussed in depth here