Ionic/Cordova Android.Manifest.xml not updating after building

I’ve run into this strange problem with updating the AndroidManifest.xml file when trying to do two builds of the same app for Android but with different Version Numbers/Bundle IDs: when I run the Cordova Command to build the Android APK, the values that I change in config.xml do not get updated in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

For example, when I add Android to my Cordova project, the initial bundle ID in config.xml is I check the AndroidManifest.xml file and it matches. Now, I go into config.xml and change the bundle ID to and build the APK. I go to check the AndroidManifest.xml file and it’s still

The only way I’ve found to resolve this is to remove the platforms directory using Cordova, update the config.xml file with the correct bundle ID, and then re-add the platforms folder using Cordova. That’s a huge inconvenience if I have to generate one build for Development and another build for Production.

Is there something I’m not doing correctly? Btw, I’m building the iOS/Android binaries using the Ionic CLI.

NOTE: I’m seeing these issues on Cordova Android 4.1.1. Has this been fixed in one of the latest releases or is it still recurring?

Hmm turns out it was an issue with cordova-custom-config not being set up properly in the config.xml file.