Android gallery picker doesn't honor folders

Ionic image picker uses GitHub - Telerik-Verified-Plugins/ImagePicker: Cordova Plugin For Multiple Image Selection plugin and it uses different plugins for both android and iOS

In iOS, when we pick from the gallery, we can browse albums as well.

in Android, when we pick from the gallery, we only show the photos directly without showing albums (because android doesn’t work like that). Most users have their photos saved in folders, so this doesn’t really make sense. This behavior is the same in WhatsApp as well, but then when we attach, the full folder experience comes up.

how we can implement the same in ionic/Cordova

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Check this (mine) Plugin: GitHub - EinfachHans/cordova-plugin-advanced-imagepicker: Cordova Plugin for an advanced (multiple) ImagePicker The underlaying android Image Picker allows to select from specific Folder

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