Image picker categories?

i’m writing an app for select images from phone and send to a remote server.
i’m using image picker. So the problem is with albums. image picker shows ALL images on phone and is impossible to find an image if you have a considerable amount of photos on your device.
i was looking for a solution but i didn’t have lucky

i read about camera plugin but i must let user can choose multiple images by round.

what can i do?

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i think is a common situation… i can’t believe that ionic 2 can’t handle this…


Don’t Image picker plugin categorized the images by albums?

There is a new plugin very customizable that I think it will suit you!

You can get all albums and images and organize them as you want, the only “downside” (or advantage, depend on how you look at it) is that you have to build all the interface, but I think it worth the effort!

do you have any working example?

wait for long time…an no solution…
maybe can replace with another Android image picker plugin for cordova image picker