Getpicture from specified album


i’m wondering if there is a way to select a picture from a specified album. my app has its own album, and i want the camera.getpicture to start in this album. is this somehow possible.
if its not possible with the camera plugin, do you know of a way to achieve this?

Thx in advance!

regarts alex

This might be what you’re looking for

Hi jaydz,

thx for your reply, but thats not what i’m looking for.
I save the pictures from my app in it own folder (like whatsapp for ex). with the app it possible to create collages. so the thing i want to achieve is
a) when i select the picture(s) for the collage with getpicture i want the selector to start in that specified folder.
b) call that folder from within my app to show the default device gallery app - for the moment i use the plugin you mentioned above, but that is super slow/unusable on devices with lots of images.

maybe you have some hints and examples for me!

tia alex

Unfortunate not. I do have a couple apps that upload photos from the photolibrary, but haven’t gone so far as to access specific albums. I just recalled seeing that plugin at some point in the past.

And yeah, my phone has around 600 photos in it, so uploading images alone takes a second. Uploading them to specific “galleries” based on dates to Firebase, and retrieving them in the same manner takes a hot minute too. I use loading controller to let the process play out behind the scene for a duration of 3000 (3 seconds).

I figure if you can’t make it hyper-fast, hide it behind something that looks nice.