Android Fingerprint Auth not available

I tried to use Android Fingerprint Auth like shown in the docs. My code has only very few changes. I put the following lines inside platform.ready().then… in app.components.ts:

   // Test AndroidFingerprintAuth
   .then((result)=> {
       // it is available

       this.androidFingerprintAuth.encrypt({ clientId: "testAndroidFingerprint", username: "test", password: "pa$$w0rd" })
       .then(result => {
         if (result.withFingerprint) {
             console.log("Successfully encrypted credentials.");
             console.log("Encrypted credentials: " + result.token);
         } else if (result.withBackup) {
           console.log('Successfully authenticated with backup password!');
         } else console.log('Didn\'t authenticate!');
       .catch(error => {
         if (error === "Cancelled") {
           console.log("Fingerprint authentication cancelled");
         } else console.error(error)
    } else {
      // fingerprint auth isn't available
      console.log('fingerprint auth is not available');
  .catch(error => console.error(error));

My problem is, that I’m getting - when testing on a Samsung Note 4 (which has a fingerprintscanner) - as result the following:


Can you help me? I can’t see any errors because I’m following strictly the docs.

You are probably out of luck:

This plugin does not support the Samsung Pass SDK and not all Samsung devices implement the Android 6.0 Fingerprint Authentication API. If you are testing this plugin on a Samsung device and it is not working, please check the device compatibility before reporting an issue.