Android device just shows white page

Hello everyone,
I have developed a new app by ionic 3, recently. The iOS version of the application works great. but the android export no.
It is not working at all. I try to deploy by ionic CLI and Android Studio too. but all of them ( exports ) after installing on Android devices in different versions just shows a white page.
I have the same problem in two different application that I have developed at the same time.
I read all topic about this problem. and did all advises. but it doesn’t work yet.

I would be appreciated to take time to reply me.

Did you do the one where you attach to the app with Chrome Developer Tools and check the console?

Thank you for your attention.
I solved problem finally after a week trying.
I removed the android platform and updated my Android’s SDK on the android studio, add android platform again.
I deployed the app with release version by Android Studio. It works now.