Android Compiling: Icons and Splashscreens copying to wrong folder

Not sure what to isolate the problem to, but I recently upgraded to app-scripts@0.0.39 with cordova@6.4.0 and ionic@2.1.4. When doing an ionic run android or ionic build android --release, the image resources are copying to the wrong folder (/res instead of /platforms/android/res). The verbose output is below:

ls: no such file or directory: D:\Users\User\project\mipmap-*

Updating icons at res

  copy  resources\android\icon\drawable-hdpi-icon.png res\mipmap-hdpi\icon.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\icon\drawable-ldpi-icon.png res\mipmap-ldpi\icon.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\icon\drawable-mdpi-icon.png res\mipmap-mdpi\icon.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\icon\drawable-xhdpi-icon.png res\mipmap-xhdpi\icon.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\icon\drawable-xxhdpi-icon.png res\mipmap-xxhdpi\icon.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\icon\drawable-xxxhdpi-icon.png res\mipmap-xxxhdpi\icon.png (new file)

Updating splash screens at res

  copy  resources\android\splash\drawable-port-hdpi-screen.png res\drawable-port-hdpi\screen.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\splash\drawable-port-ldpi-screen.png res\drawable-port-ldpi\screen.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\splash\drawable-port-mdpi-screen.png res\drawable-port-mdpi\screen.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\splash\drawable-port-xhdpi-screen.png res\drawable-port-xhdpi\screen.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\splash\drawable-port-xxhdpi-screen.png res\drawable-port-xxhdpi\screen.png (new file)

  copy  resources\android\splash\drawable-port-xxxhdpi-screen.png res\drawable-port-xxxhdpi\screen.png (new file)

I don’t think this is an app-scripts problem as it occurs after compilation. Could be the updated Ionic or Cordova cli. The temporary workaround is to manually copy the contents of /res into /platforms/android/res.


+1, same issue for me here.

Same here! I thought I was going crazy when my splash screen and icon weren’t changing from cordova’s default.

Also have the same issue

Also noticed this … I’m having it in an Ionic 1 app but I’m running Ionic CLI v2.1.4 and Cordova 6.4.0.

Hey guys. Still no updates on this, I’ll open a Github issue tomorrow I guess in the CLI tools section.

EDIT: There’s already an issue opened at #1608.

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