Android click performance issue on beta1

Our app was built on version .9.26 and I just recently upgraded to beta 1. We have a number of lists with ng-href on them. In .9.26 the click performance was great, but on beta 1 it will randomly take 2 sometimes 3 clicks on an element to fire the route change. Nothing else was changed on our end other than fixing the few breaking changes going up two releases. In iOS it is fine. This commit maybe?

I verified that the issues come from the changes to ionic.tapElement. I reverted the changes back to the March 19th version of ionic / js / utils / tap.js. The delays and non-responsive clicks disappear on both my Android devices 4.4 and 4.3.

@jazzfanatic I have the same behaviour using Android 4.2 devices. Tap generally works but then needs a couple of taps to activate. The nightly build as of 2014.04.22 did seem a little better. Only had to double tab a couple of times.

There are a lot of Android and general tap fixes being worked on an the moment. I’m not sure if all of them are in the nightlies or not.

If you are still experiencing double tap issues, please see this issue.

If it’s the same as your problem, please comment on it to get it re-opened. If it’s different, try finding another issue with the same problem and add your input to it

FYI : There is a “tap refactor” branch as well.