Setting Android package name different than IOS

Ok I made a big boo boo. I published an app on ios and android and then accidentely deleted the keystore for the android app!

now I can’t upload a new version to android and have to upload a new app.

So rather than change the package name (in config.xml widget) for both IOS and Android…I was hoping there was some way I can rename the package name just for Android? If I change the package name for both i’m worried i’ll have some issues with itunes which wont like the bunde identifier changing. Any thoughts?

The problem is, as stated by Android play store.

You need to use a different package name because “com.activekid.activekidapp” is already used by one of your other applications.

Can’t you just change the bundleid in the AndroidManifest manually? You’ll have to create a new App Identity in google app store though.

@joonhl27 I was hoping not to make changes to manifest and handle it directly from config.xml


<widget android-packageName="your package name" ios-CFBundleIdentifier="your package name"