Android App Bundle (aab) support


Is there any plan to support building .aab-files in AppFlow and send to Play Store?

I would say that it’s “best practice” for Android development and not supporting it is almost an “no go” for us.

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At the moment, it’s on the backlog for features. But looking over the Android docs, AAB is still very new and not a mandatory feature

Good to know.

Being able to create an aab-file makes the file downloaded almost half in size.
So for us its not only something Google prefers. But also better for the end user.

As workaround you can follow the instruction here.

Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for your reply!

We actually did it this way before starting using AppFlow.
So now when using AppFlow, the app size has increased.

But we would like to automate the deployment (kinda the pros of using AppFlow).
So I think that the functionality should be built in to AppFlow.

(We are also using AppCenter for React Native apps and it works fine there).

Any news on this? Our team recently started testing/using App Flow, and this kinda defeats the purpose of using AppFlow. it can’t be that hard to add “–packageType=bundle” to the command line?

It’s still on our list, thought I will say it’s a top priority.

It’s not a matter of adding --packageType-bundle, otherwise we would have done that :smile:

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I kiiiiinda guessed that :smiley: But awesome to hear it is a top priority!

Off Topic: Other than bundle support i gotta say - after the initial setup - the experience has been a pleasure.
My mind is still slightly blown that i can update my App Store installed apps, outside of the Google/Apple environment… instantly. They can’t be super interested in that process? Not that i am complaining…

“In the second half of 2021, new apps will be required to publish with the Android App Bundle on Google Play.”

As taken from:

This shouldn’t arrive last minute so devs have time to adapt.