How to build .aab build instead .apk in AppFlow?

Ionic creates only .apk file. Screenshot: Joxi (58 kb) закачан 25 ноября 2021 г. Joxi
What i should to do, for building .aab (Android App Bundle) file?

I see in build-log, that Ionic run:
$ cordova build android --release – --keystore=android.keystore --storePassword=***** --alias=vavilonguru --password=***** --packageType=apk


But i can’t understand, how to say ionic change packageType. Is anybody know?

The problem is solved, it was necessary to increase the cordova android platform version to 8.1.0.

ionic cordova platform add android@8.1.0 --no-interactive

After that, Ionic AppFlow started building .apk and .aab file both