Android 8.1 Icons not displaying

For anyone else looking at this - I’ve raised an issue with Chromium team here


Hi Richard. I also got the same issue in Yu5014 android 8.1
Any workaround?


We’re currently waiting for the Chromium team to give us an idea of when a fix will be available. Please star the issue and add a comment if you can.

Hello Richard,

Same issue here.
Any tips ?


@molobala0 please star the chromium issue and add a comment - the more people comment the more likely they are to get a fix in place I would think

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While the chrome folks work on getting this address, if you’re in the small percentage that is affected by this, consider revising your UI for the time being.

It can at least make your app functional while chrome works on a fix.

Also be patient with them. A browser is a complex codebase and changes take a bit to get in. Know they are working things, even if they’re being quiet.

Thanks Mike - I looked at doing some sort of short term fix but it became quite difficult to work out the best solution (considering this is a small percentage of users). Hopefully we will hear some news soon of a fix.

Thought I was going crazy, my app was working well on all my test devices, and then one suddenly started tweaking out with rendering issues. Realised it must have been a Chromium issue when the debug screen via ADB was rendering fine in Chrome, yet the screen was flickering and overlaying some images on the attached device.

I also narrowed it down to Android 8.1, but only on my one tablet that has a PowerVR Rogue GE8100 GPU … I have another Android 8.1 tablet with a Mali-T820 GPU which is fine.

I have had to make some odd hacks to get it to work. One page involved changing an ionic icon of play-sharp, to just play. Another page had an ion-list starting part of the way down the screen (there was an ion-row above the list). When the list did not have enough items to fill the entire screen, the screen would flicker. If I removed the ion-row above the list, it was ok. Because I wanted the ion-row above the list, I ended up have to add blank ion-items to fill the list to the bottom of the screen, then the flickering would go away.

Thanks Richard for raising this with the Chromium, team.

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We are facing the same issue with a client using Sony Xperia L3, Android 8.1.
What I found as a quick workaround was to downgrade @ionic-angular from 5.6.11 to 5.4.1. I tried 5.4.2+ but the issue started to arise.
Could this info be of any help to the solution of the issue?