Android 404 Not Found Images

Hi Everyone,

This is my first capacitor app, after developing with Cordova for the last 10 years.

Everything is going great so far, I’m just having one small issue with my Android platform.

I have some images hosted on a HTTPS domain that are returning 404 errors on Android only. Do I need a Whitelist plugin for this? I thought Whitelist was no longer required? The images are on HTTPS, so I don’t think its a cleartext issue.

Any pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated!


Managed to solve this issue.

When setting the server: { hostname: "" } setting in capacitor.config.json make sure that the domain in there does not match the domain of the external source you are trying to load data from. It appears that if it does match the Capacitor app attempts to load the resources locally instead.