Capacitor Plugin issue with Android

I have a pesky little issue that I would like to resolve.

I am using Capacitor 3.6.0. The issue I am having is that when I load my Android app, I get an exception that the plugin xxxx is not implemented on Android. (ie: Error: “PushNotifications” plugin is not implemented on android). I get this for all my plugins. However, if I am using live reload…if I go into my angular app and make an empty change to force a complication and refresh of the app, the plugins load fine and everything works as expected.

Its more of an annoying/pesky issue that I would like to resolve if anyone has any ideas. I am not doing anything special with the plugins.

For the heck of it, I made sample app to test out loading a basic plugin and I wasn’t able to recreate the issue in that project. Everything loaded fine. So it must be something with this existing app I ported over to capacitor. Its a rather large app, so its a little hard to tell where the issue might be coming from.

I was hoping someone has had a similar issue or might have an idea on some areas I should check? I am pretty new to Capacitor and don’t have a lot of recent experience in developing mobile apps.

I should also note, this is only happening in Android. iOS works fine.

Another important thing (maybe) is that I am serving this off of a valid SSL certificate. I am wondering if this SSL certificate is causing the initial loading issue. I have a requirement where I need to use a valid cert so I rigged my local development environment to service off a FQDN. I just have a host record/internal DNS that points to my local angular http server.

Thank you all!


here you can check the common problems that can cause that:

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