An important update on "Ionic Cloud" and where we're going with it

Hi all,

For those of you using Cloud or wondering where that product is going, I put together a blog post detailing some of the changes and new product efforts that will be rolling out soon. Please take a look if you’d like more insight into our plans with Cloud and Ionic commercial services:


Nice, thanks for the much needed update.

Let me try to summarize:

  • Ionic “Cloud” will evolve into some new product, “wonderful and complete app developer experience”

  • Ionic Push will stay and improve
    • “web push and deeper integration into ionic”
  • Ionic Package (Native builds) will stay
  • “going to play a major role”
  • Ionic Deploy (Live Updates) will stay and improve
    • “progressive web and desktop contexts”
  • Ionic Auth will merge into Ionic Push, actual account stuff will go away
    • “changing into a user profile meta data system for Push, and we’re planning on removing the actual user authentication features”
  • Ionic DB and Ionic Analytics will go away (or are already)

  • There will be new, additional products
    • “error reporting, PWA hosting, and native build features, among other things”

  • ionic upload will evolve into git push ionic master
    • Will encompass Package, Deploy and View
    • “Heroku for Mobile”
  • Ionic Developer App will replace the current Ionic View and improve
    • “features, like automatic connection with ionic serve for immediate device testing”
  • Ionic View will evolve to do more stuff and be paid
    • “features like test groups and deeplinking”

  • Ionic Creator will stay and improve
    • “with this new platform (and much better support for future versions of Ionic)”

  • “Migration path” for all current users of all the production services
  • “We’re a month or two out from taking the public wraps off of this improved Ionic experience”

All correct?


Sounds about right :smiley:

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