Ionic Cloud product question

After reading the blog today about ionic cloud, I still have some questions.

As far as I know, there are five cloud services Push, Deploy, Auth, Package and IonicDB.

For Push, Deploy and Package, keep supporting. For IonicDB, obsoleted.

But for Auth, the blog said “Auth will most likely be changing into a user profile meta data system for Push, and we’re planning on removing the actual user authentication features.”

Is it Push and Auth merge together? Will Auth service remove? How long can I use Auth service? Cause I’m going to use it in my next app but it will be sad if no longer supported after a few months.

Finally, I would say the ionic cloud services are great and I love to see ionic to be a great framework.

And for the paid-only new Ionic View, I say shxt up and take my money!

I understood it the same as you:
Ionic Auth login stuff (register form, password reset, OAuth integration) will go away and it will be like a “database” of users that you can set in your app, probably receive a “user_id” back that you then can save on your server and connect to your own user database, so you can then do “I want to send this user a Push” and can connect your data to Auth data which then connects to the push token.

So starting with something using Ionic Auth might not be the best idea…

But of course this is just my interpretation. No idea if this is correct.

I wrote a “summary” of the blog post here, which also includes the “Auth” bit you concluded:

Maybe someone official will confirm that I summarized and understood correctly.