After updating to ionic react 7, everything stop to work

i am using react ionic, after updating ionic to 7, everything stop to work on iphone devices !
safari and on all the browsers.
it is really annoying !!!
i need to rebuild the whole app with other css component !
hope some can help me !
import React from ‘react’;
import { IonList, IonItem, IonSelect, IonSelectOption } from ‘@ionic/react’;
function Example() {
return (


export default Example;

this not working …
and much more !!!

the npm are
@ionic/react”: “^7.0.9”,
@ionic/react-router”: “^6.7.4”,
“react”: “^18.2.0”,

is there any solution !!!

no one to help me ??

You have to use the same major version of @ionic/react and @ionic/react-router. When you try to use 6 and 7 together, nothing will work.

i used last version of ionic router, it was my mistake !
do you have any idea please ?

Make sure you followed all the steps in the upgrade guide. It’s a little confusing because Angular and React and Vue are all mixed together, so read it carefully.

Ionic 7 does not have a lot of breaking changes, so you probably missed a step.

If you are still getting an error, please post the exact error and, if possible, a code sandbox or other reproducible example.

Please visit this website
everything working very good on desktop browsers, and android browsers ,
when it come to ios browsers , there is a lot of ui componnet stop responding.
for example the top right menu is not appear on ios`s browsers .
the select

<IonSelect aria-label="Fruit" interface="action-sheet" placeholder="Select fruit">
          <IonSelectOption value="apples">Apples</IonSelectOption>
          <IonSelectOption value="oranges">Oranges</IonSelectOption>
          <IonSelectOption value="bananas">Bananas</IonSelectOption>

not responding, when i click to show the option, it not showing anything .

this app took 3-4 month to make it , and finaly everything crash on ios !:(…
hope some one help me to solve those issues !

I see that the menu works in Chrome but not Safari.

Are you sure this was caused by the upgrade from Ionic 6 to Ionic 7?

The problem is not <IonSelect> by itself; I have an Ionic 7 app that works in Safari with no issues. So there must be something else about the code in your app or how you are building it that is causing the problem.