Ionic fails to build with XCode 7

I have been working through the thinkster tutorial on ionic and ran into a problem. Essentially, the build failed when running:
$ ionic emulate ios -1
The reason being it stated it expected a 6.x version of XCode. Rather than 7. I ended up uninstalling XCode 7 and installing 6.4. At which point it worked fine.

Does anyone know if ionic are looking to resolve this issue so that we can use XCode 7?

I’m using Ionic with Xcode 7 and it works fine. Make sure you have the latest Ionic and Cordova versions by doing an npm update -g.

Hmm interesting… I only installed ionic within the last couple of weeks so I would hope its up to date. I shall try updating them however and going back to XCode 7 and seeing what happens.