Getting started app displays navbar on top on android

I use a FairPhone (FP1) (android 4.2.2) as personal and development phone.
The tabbar in my project displays on the top side of my application while it should be on the bottom. To check if it was related to my own project, i created a new fresh project and it shows the same behaviour. This was not so in previous ionic versions. The example project compiles (checked output after running ionic run android and runs without errors.

I am running ionic version: 1.3.11




> ionic start myApp tabs
> ionic platform add ios
> ionic run android

Never mind, just figured out this is intended behaviour. Weird, hadn’t even noticed in android apps.

I actually think it’s quite new. I’m sure I used the Tab starter a while ago and the nav was at the bottom. I’m using the Tab starter now and leaving it at the top for Android and bottom for IOS now.

Yes be default, ios tabs will be on bottom and android will have tabs on top, as per each platforms specific design guide