After FirebaseAuth Installed Ionic 3 app is has typescript errors


If anyone knows the solution for this error helps me to find this problem.

I used this command to install firebase auth - : npm install firebase angularfire2 --save

@chameera1 Did you try to run these commands before running the app?

1-) npm install firebase@4.6.2 (you have incompatibility between versions with firebase and typescript for your project).

Check with this version and if not, share more information about your package.json.

Avoid posting images where code snippet are applicable. Images limit the ability to find your post if any other developer is facing the same issue highlighted in your error…

That aside, unless you are using Ionic 3, ionic-app-scripts is no longer maintained by the ionic team.

More here

Oh, hello there! Ionic App Scripts is a tool tied specifically to version 3.x of Ionic Framework. Since the release of version 4.0 of Ionic Framework, we are no longer using Ionic App Scripts for building in Ionic Framework. Version 3 of Ionic Framework is no longer actively maintained by us. For more information on which versions are active, see our support policy. Due to this, we are no longer maintaining Ionic App Scripts and we recommend developers update their apps to the latest framework release. This provides several new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, as well as up to date tooling for Ionic apps. For more details on how to upgrade, check out our migration guide.


thanks for the reply