Integrating Ionic 2 and Firebase 3 - Typescript


Hi all,

Have been stumbling about in the dark trying to get a basic app working using ionic 2 and firebase 3, my main problem is when I try import firebase into my data retrieval services I get the error that TS cannot find the module ‘firebase’ even after I have installed firebase with npm and can clearly see the module in my ‘node-modules’ folder, any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Mills!

I haven’t tried this personally, but the article below may be helpful for you; the author seems to walk through setting up Firebase 3 with Ionic 2:


Thanks for the prompt response! Unfortunately that is the exact article which has led me to the predicament I am currently in :frowning: currently trying this one out but not finished as of yet: will post if i come right


Please take a look at my repo, I have an angularfire2 solution and a plain firebase solution.


Thank you for the heads up! Will be looking into it right now :slight_smile:


Checking this out too, been meaning to have a look at integrating Firebase.


Thanks aaron, it seems that after including that script tag in my index.html file the Intellisense is picking firebase up as a module, but when I serve the app I’m still getting a 404 on my app.bundle.js file, any one with a similar issue and potential solution? Thanks in advance


Got this working, my issue was when I was installing the typings I was using the global version : typings install --save ~dt firebase, which was giving issues, I changed to use typings install --save firebase and the typings worked like a charm, she is now up and running :smiley: thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile:


@Mills i have an example using angularfire2 and firebase 3 if you want to check out


Thanks mate, will check it out, got mine working with just the js reference of the firebase SDK but will be cool to check how to play with angularfire2 :slight_smile:


without seeing the actual error messages, I cannot help… My guess is that
you are getting a typescript compile error… please take a look there

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