adMob isTesting set to false but still show test adv


I set the AdMobOptions isTesting to false or I even remove it like this below:

        let adBannerOptions: AdMobOptions = <AdMobOptions>{};

        adBannerOptions = {
            adId: IGV.AD_MOB_ID_BANNER,
            position: this.adMob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_CENTER,
            isTesting: false,
            autoShow: true
            //adExtras: this.adExtras


But it still shows the test adv!

Anyone one can help?


I am facing with this issue. Don’t know why? any expert dev can help this?


Yes, same problem here :frowning:
It is also described here:
but no answer yet :frowning:


by the way, this issue should be labeled ionic-native not (just) ionic