Hi everyone. I tried to implement Admob with 3 different Cordova Plugins but every time I get the same result: iOS app is working fine (emulator and real device) with both isTesting true and false. Android version is working with isTesting true but ads are never loaded with isTesting = false. That’s not a plugin error nor an implementation error, I spent 3 days trying to isolate the problem and I’m pretty sure that Google is blocking the ads on android devices in “production mode”. I’ve read something about the necessity for the app to be published in the Google Play Store first to enable this ads but I’d like to receive a reassurance from experts. Is there any problem on AdMob SDK or policies or something like that? I’d like to know if its my fault or it will be fixed by itself during next days…


(I already set the ADMOB_APP_ID for android and I correctly set the banner and interstitial ID. On iOS is working perfectly fine with both test flag set to true and false).

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