IONIC 3 - Admob Free not displaying Ads when isTesting is false

Hey guys!
I have a problem with Ionic 3 when trying to display ads with Admob Free plugin. My Ads will only show in test mode (isTesting: true). If I set it to false or comment the line, no Ads …

This is my code:

    const bannerConfig: AdMobFreeBannerConfig = {
      autoShow: true,
      isTesting: false
    }).catch(err => console.log(err));         

If I uncomment the line to force the ads, only a black unit appears.

I thought it could be related to my project, so I even started a blank project and the results were the same.

Has anyone fixed before? Thanks!!!

For iOS is does not work anymore, for Android it still works. I have had the same issue and decided to remove the plugin. The plugin does not work anymore since google updated the admob project and the developer of the plugin has not updated the plugin to reflect the new changes, so far from his recent post in his github, he has no intentions in updating it anytime soon.

You can do a hack to as I seen recently. You would have to edit a field in Xcode but it is not work the hassle because it’s not a 100% fix. Hope this helps, good luck!

I haven’t tested with IOS yet.
I’m having this issue with Android.

Is the pro version still working?

Finally I solved this issue!

Since my code seemed to be right, as the test Ads were working, I went back to my Admob account and found out that I had missing payment info.

As soon as I added my address on the payment page, my live Ads started being served.

I have tested my app on Android (emulator and device) and IOS (emulator only) and the Live Ads are being served with no problem on both.


Where can this hack be found? Just about to release an app for a client and the ads arent working …

Please i have the same problem !!!
please tell me what the information you added… i added all information but i didn’t add the paiment information (number of my account bank… because i must have mor than 80$ in my account admob) !!!

I still have the same problem

After 3 Days… Ultimately How I got Success!!! :grinning::grin:

I was working on an application using Google API hit, worked hard for 2 weeks on an application. Then I added AdMob. It was working fine on the first day with “isTesting” true but if “isTesting” was set to false it didn’t show anything…

I thought maybe AdMob banned or stopped ads for me. Then I created a sample Android Native app then added same ad unit ID. It suddenly started showing ads to my shock I was happy :kissing_smiling_eyes: that I am not banned but my Ionic anything not showing any thing.

Then I turned to cordova and created simple app to check if there is any issue with Ionic. I installed cordova admob free even then my ads were not showing even when testing set to true :worried:

But after 2 - 3 days they suddenly started showing up… I created production release uploaded signed APK on play store even then It was not showing real ads. after 2-3 times I created production release in these 2-3 days of research but ads started showing up in my app.

So I can only say It may take 2-3 days… to show up

My app was in Ionic 4 beta, for Ionic 4 we need a beta version of AdMob I explained in this tutorial to Integrate with AdMob.

I have the same problem on android , but on ios the ads is diplayed correctly
any help please?
i get this error:
{“isTrusted”:false,“adNetwork”:“AdMob”,“adType”:“banner”,“adEvent”:“onAdFailLoad”,“error”:3,“reason”:“No fill”}

same problem please help

Hello ,
After few day i saw the ads displayed correctly , i think on android we have to wait same days …

So the solution is wait some days? It’s kinda weird …

did ads showed immediately? mine is still not showing.

Hy Did anyone solved the problem?

It works for me!

Look at @rapiddevpro’s answer.