Adding background image appears different in different android phones

I am trying to use a splashscreen for ionic app. I have tested this in the browser and it looks fine. But when I port it to Android phones, the background image gets chopped. I have tested this on
MOTO G - resolution 720x1280
We tried putting images with the above resolution and also the standard android resolution for HDPI[High density pixel intensity] 640x920. None of these seems to fit right. Does ionic has any standard resolution that automatically gets adjusted depending on the screen size?

Thank you

Are you using an actually splash screen or a background image on the view? Because thats 2 different questions. Which one is it?

I am using a background image. But I am unable to decide which one resolution image am I suppose to use to support all screens.

Something like 1920x1080 will do to cover all the high density screens.

Alright let me try and get back to you :slight_smile: thanks