Add Multiple splashscreens in IONIC project


I have to add 3 splash screens in my project (requirement given by the customer).
Anyone having idea about how to do this ?

Thanks in advance.


By definition there can only be one splash screen - the screen that is shown while the app is loading.

What are you actually trying to achieve? How should these 3 splash screens work? Shown after another?


Yes splash screens should show one after another…after interval of 2 seconds


Then you can just put the first screen as the real splash screen, make it disappear after 2 seconds, then show the next one as a fullscreen image, make it disappear, next one and so on…

This will help:


Hi did you ever figure this out.


I think @Sujan12 already explained how you should achieve such an effect :wink: Just hide the original splashscreen after 2 seconds and show your custom image next. After two seconds you could then show another image etc etc. Although I wouldn’t really now where it’s going to be used for.


If I were a user I would uninstall this app so quickly.