Add item list to another page

i need some advice:
i’ve a prj with two page, on first page i’ve a toggle button and on second page i’ve a list of items
every time the toggle change status i need to add a new item on second page
all items must be saved on native storage and sent to server if there’s internet connection

which is the best strategy to do this ?
how can i add items to another page ?

Thanks for help… i’m new on Ionic 2 :slight_smile:

Use a common contoller for both pages.In the first page when togle status changes you need to push the items in an array. In second page just use the array as the data source. You can get the data from this array and simlpy use a ngrepeat for that purpose

thanks, do you have an example ? :slight_smile:

i dont have any example on ionic2.