How to send data from one page to another

hello, I have the following ts file code and html file code, i want to take the lists from the user that I add in this page and put them in and show them another page how can I do that?
thank you

this is from the ts file

listName: string;

lists: string = ;

constructor(private router: Router) {


ngOnInit() {

add() {



this.listName = "";



this is in the html file
<ion-input type=“text” class=“text-right” class=“ion-text-end” placeholder=“اسم القائمة” required



<ion-button expand=“full” color=“favorite” (click)=“add()”>إضافة

<ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let t of lists">

  <ion-item [routerLink]="['/menu/list/items']">




Hi @Aseel173
please read this topic its fully guid how to Pass Data to another page

This is how I do it, which simplifies the mess of Angular router not being able to pass complex objects between pages.