Add items from diferent pages to one specific page

(bad english maybe avarage)
I created restourant app and i have all this different categories and items, and like i said in the title i want to click on all this random items (like you ordering stuff) and push it to specific page - like a shopping cart

you can use localStorage like a small database in your application , on every page you can add or get your list of object ,

insert your array


get your array


PS: if you wanna add an object to your array you must get your array “ListObject” and add an object to this list before set list

I think localStorage is not a great choice here. I would instead use either a shared service provider or NavParams.

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i used navParams (i don’t know if i used it correctly) and it works when i console log it
like this - > console.log(this.navParams.get(‘title’));
but when i want to display it on the page it doesent work - or maybe i do something wrong

I wish we could get a moratorium on the phrase “it doesn’t work”. It conveys virtually zero useful information.

  • I used this code
  • I expected X to happen
  • Y actually happened